Who We Are

Montigny Munk Law Professional Corporation is a socially conscious legal practice that is committed to:

  • Making legal services more accessible
  • Applying principles of inclusive design to all areas of practice
  • Delivering traditional and non-traditional legal services tailored to clients’ unique and diverse needs.
  • Taking the time to listen to and understand clients’ concerns and customize a solution that directly responds to their individual needs

Whether your legal issue arises at home, work or school, Montigny Munk Law will support you and ensure your legal needs are met in a way that respects your rights, dignity and autonomy. Montigny Munk Law embraces an inclusive approach to the practice of law that is sensitive to the unique experiences and needs of every client.




Consent & Capacity

[icon name=icon_check]Defending Decision-making Rights
[icon name=icon_check]Substitute Decision-making
[icon name=icon_check]Guardianship
[icon name=icon_check]Research Opinions on:
Consent and Capacity, Guardianship and
Decision-making Rights

Estate Issues

[icon name=icon_check]Estate Administration
[icon name=icon_check]Estate Litigation

Boards & Tribunals

[icon name=icon_check]Consent & Capacity Board
[icon name=icon_check]Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
[icon name=icon_check]Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

We look forward to helping you. Call us at (416) 549-1689

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